Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do we really need an Utopist?

Recently, I was forcely dragged to be a member of the Quality Improvement Team (QIT) at my workplace. Great! You guys just piled up my work tasks as the safety committee, community footprints member, departemental trainer, the GATE newsletter contributor, secretary of. Fiuh! This team has to analyze the deffects of the products and services that occurs in our property. Atendence and punctuality are mandatory! (those are my BIG enemies! *grin)

During the meeting, I had to put an extra focus for what's going on in our property, try to figure it out what is the root cause and how to improve the situation. I dunno if I am the only person who is being sceptic about it. As I plunged in the operational on the daily basis, I feel that what we disscuss in this forum is very "utopic". We "dream" that we will have an ideal situation, we "dream" that we will achieve 100% score and we can improve everything. In reality, it's so damn difficult to conduct. Yet, we need that dream! *sigh that will always happen, two big groups that stay in this world, the Plato's or the Aristotle's. The Plato's who always living in their dreamy world or the Aristotle's who tried so hard to get their feet back on the ground. Where am I? I am the Aristotle follower, but every night I dream a lot. *laughingsoloud

We need those freaky, nerdy utopists to set the parameter of how good supposed to be the products and services delivered to our clients. Let them talked about that bull s*#t and be proud of . Anyway, it's all such a bull!!

"The dream of Reason"

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